Cartoon Of Your Portrait
Product Code: PIW003
Brand: Partners In Wealth
By Partners In Wealth
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Price: USD 25.00/Piece
Product Description


1. Head and shoulder only.   
2. Multiple figures are welcomed (5$ for each figure)
3. [Recommended] Send me head shot photo, from the front and  good quality photo (min 300 dpi)
4. I can't draw your logo, please send your logo (png) if needed.
5. Don't send : Blurred, overcast, night shots, Partially covered face, eg covered by hand or objects.
6. Don't send me your photo that cut off around head, because  your cartoon picture will be cut off too :(
7. Modification can be requested, as long as the modification do not deviate from the original photo.
8. The result will be delivered to you in size 1100x800 pixel, land  scaped, and .PNG format with transparent background
9. (1. person $5) , ( 2. people $10 ),  ( 3. people $15 ) ,  (4. people $20)
The best quality photo from you determine the best results as well.
Feel free to contact me first.
Thank you.

Product Specifications

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  • 3D Graphic Design
  • Banner Ads
  • Cartoon Of Your Portrait
  • CV / Resume Creation Assistance
  • Ebook Cover Design
  • EBook Writing
  • Flyers and Poster Creation Service
  • Google Analytics On Your Website
  • HQ Transcription
  • Logo Design
  • Mobster Puppet Message Writing/Recording
  • PDF Editing Service
  • Photoshop Editing
  • PRBuzz Press Release
  • Whiteboard Animation Creation

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