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Writers, copy writers, editors. Work From Home
Posted By : partnersinwealth
Date : 2016-09-28

We are looking for writers who can produce engaging, interesting & funny content for our readers. This is not boring, dry writing for SEO rankings or essay style writing. This is fun and engaging content that our readers would want to pass on to a friend or share on Facebook.   Think top 10 lists, useful commentary, helpful reviews and content they can use & put into action immediately.   • You will be creating content where you get an idea from another source online (like a YouTube video or blog post). 300-450 words in length. These are called curated articles.   You will use the source content in your story with full attribution and a link back to the original source.   Then add more information, commentary, opinions, reviews or feedback in addition to the original source. • You are going to... Read More

Do You Have Great Writer Potential?
Posted By : partnersinwealth
Date : 2016-09-28

If you are a passionate young writer we want to hear from you!About Us: We are a marketing group helping people raise funds for their campaigns/projects .  We are passionate about helping people succeed in crowdfunding in order to meet their goals. Needed: We are looking for a young passionate writer to help with our daily email newsletters.  Most of our participants are not writers, but they want to be able to put their message across for what they are trying to raise funds for. We're writing conversational copy that is fun and entertaining and eventually persuasive. ** No experience is required but you MUST be willing to LISTEN and LEARN and ADAPT. Your job is to write daily newsletters that tell stories, build a tribe mentality amongst our readers, be easy to read/conversational (young teenage male audienc... Read More

Social Media Manager
Posted By : partnersinwealth
Date : 2016-09-28

Overview: Social Media Manager wanted for CrowdFunding company. We are looking for an enthusiastic team leader who is more than a little tech savvy and may be familiar with EComily, Promotion Engine, FB ads, Instagram, Connect Leads, UpViral, Memberhub. Tutorials on Ecomily, Promotion Engine, UpViral and Connect Leads...are provided. Enthusiastic learner wanted. Requirements: Strong verbal and written communication skillsMust have at least 3 years experience in social media and/or website management. Willingness to stay up-to-date with current social media trends and known influencersExceptional organizational and critical thinking skillsYou must be a positive-thinking self-starter who is willing to contribute in a rapidly changing start-up environment. Responsibilities: Learning and implementing new software programs to manage all social... Read More

Highly Experienced Web Designer
Posted By : partnersinwealth
Date : 2016-09-25

  JOB OVERVIEW: REQUIREMENTS • Must be able to speak and read American English clearly• Must have at least 2 years of experience in all of the following: Code Igniter, Laravel, custom programming, and a profolio of websites built for business owner • Must be proactive and self-manageable • Additional online marketing knowledge/SEO is a plus RESPONSIBILITIES • Handle all website design requests for our company and clients • Handle all website changes for our clients and our company • Make proper WordPress changes and revisions when needed • Perform custom programming when needed • Primarily responsible for fixing bugs and investigating web related issues • Customize e-Commerce themed websites on WordPress • Setup all e-Commerce functionalities for o... Read More

Personal Assistant
Posted By : partnersinwealth
Date : 2016-09-23

  SKILLS REQUIRED: We are looking for a virtual assistant to help out with various tasks for our online marketing agency. We are looking for someone to work a 4 blocked hours Monday through Friday, US Eastern Time (EST) or Pacific Time. Blocked hours means the time we've agreed upon every day, even if I don't have any work for you (although I will likely always have work for you). The exact time block during EST or PST hours, and the length of the guaranteed time block is negotiable. There may be the opportunity to further increase the hours to full-time or near full-time in the future if desired. We are looking for someone we can work with permanently. We are looking for a STAR team player who is eager to work and learn. We run several online businesses, and researching and starting others. You w... Read More

Posted By : partnersinwealth
Date : 2016-09-11

  JOB OVERVIEW: The job will consist of maintaining our blog network, adding content to the blog network and maintaining and making additions to our company website. You will also be called upon in your duties to develop client websites and design web application in Javascript, Jquery, Php and use Mysql.We are a startup company, but we have decades of experience in running successful businesses. This is a good opportunity for the right candidate. We offer additional training and opportunities to advance and receive more pay.We like to treat our employees and VAs like they are family. We give you access to many resources that you will also be allowed to use on any side projects you have as long as it does not conflict with your duties. The right candidate will have the following qualities: 1) Understand and write American English we... Read More

Virtual Assistant
Posted By : partnersinwealth
Date : 2016-09-11

  JOB OVERVIEW: I need a virtual assistant who is able to use constant contact mailing, and can speak very good english. They will be required to email and text clients, do transcription, book hotel rooms and do general admin for approx 5-10 hours per month. Depending on the candidate there may be more tasks like video editing, customer service role with clients (depending on English skills), social media management, lead generation. The more hours rendered the more the company will pay.   SKILL REQUIRED: • Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)   - Admin Assistant   - Data Entry   - Email Management   - Event Planner   - Research   - Transcription   - Travel Planning • English   - Spe... Read More

User profile picture For the Future
Posted By : jjvillz
Date : 2018-10-26
Category : Newlyweds
Raised Amount : 0.00 of 400,000.00

This is for the future for our newly built family.

User profile picture Mylene’s music studio
Posted By : Mjstar09
Date : 2018-09-24
Category : Business
Raised Amount : 0.00 of 200,000.00

Raising funds for my own professional recording studio for my personal use as well

User profile picture Own my OWN Fashion Line
Posted By : gracepiw
Date : 2017-12-13
Category : Others
Raised Amount : 0.00 of 100,000.00

Hello Friends. and thank you for coming to my campaign page. I am working on owning my own Fashion Line. I have been designing dresses now for over...

User profile picture Rodenia's Gold and Precious Metals Quest
Posted By : Richalden
Date : 2017-07-29
Category : Business
Raised Amount : 0.00 of 2,000,000.00

The World bank and its sister organization the international monetary fund are very special organization they are sitting on top of the worlds wealth...

User profile picture Music Band
Posted By : Savy123
Date : 2017-06-23
Category : Community
Raised Amount : 0.00 of 2,500.00

My campaign is to simply raise money for my music band. There are 6 guys in the band and we mainly perform gospel music for different churches. We als...

User profile picture business recovery
Posted By : AnaMollie
Date : 2017-06-20
Category : Business
Raised Amount : 0.00 of 100,000.00

We are a small family owned business who offer quality items for discounted prices, but have hit a few brick walls over the years and are struggling t...

User profile picture Brotherly Love
Posted By : trilogy
Date : 2017-06-08
Category : Family
Raised Amount : 0.00 of 100,000.00

I Would like to tell you a story about a retired lady 67 years old that lost both parents and is taking care of a handicapped challenged 62 year old b...

User profile picture Financial Freedom QUEST
Posted By : quest
Date : 2017-05-22
Category : Education
Raised Amount : 0.00 of 250,000.00

Financial Freedom Information We empower people to become Financially Free. We also encourage networking and sharing of resources.

User profile picture Raise Funds to Buy a Home and a Car
Posted By : louisnerycosta
Date : 2017-05-19
Category : Wishes
Raised Amount : 0.00 of 500,000.00

I would like to appeal to the good-hearted people of the world to help me raise fund so that I c an buy a house and a safe car so that I c an be comf...

User profile picture To build Dog Rescue Kennel and sancturay
Posted By : ProfitWave
Date : 2017-05-17
Category : Animals
Raised Amount : 0.00 of 2,000,000.00

Baker Bridge Rescue needs to build a kennel and fencing

User profile picture House Of Worship
Posted By : wealthgiver
Date : 2017-05-07
Category : Community
Raised Amount : 0.00 of 4,000,000.00

My campaign is to raise funds to build a chapel in my hometown in the Philippines. This is to provide a house Of Worship, A Chapel, in a rural area...

User profile picture The Pain Of Bone Cancer
Posted By : dirtyharry
Date : 2017-05-07
Category : Medical
Raised Amount : 0.00 of 10,000,000.00

Earlier this year, Harold was diagnosed with bone cancer and does not have much time left to live, according to medical doctors. He is presently usin...

User profile picture My BeachFront Home
Posted By : evelyn
Date : 2017-05-07
Category : Wishes
Raised Amount : 0.00 of 5,000,000.00

My  goal is to have a beachfront property in Encinitas with my son, daughter, granddaughter and brother.  I decided to make a change in my life to sto...

User profile picture CAMPAIGN of Elizabeth Aquino Wiliams
Posted By : cds7777
Date : 2017-05-07
Category : Family
Raised Amount : 0.00 of 5,000,000.00

I will utilize Partners in Wealth for this Campaign. I will share this to as many people as I can especially those that have not save for their retire...

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