Launch Entreprenuerial Hubs in Africa
Posted By : global     Date : 2017-04-17
Category : Education

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Campaign Duration

Campaign Starting Date : 2017-04-17
Campaign Target Completion Date : 2017-06-17
Target Amount : 200,000.00

Campaign Description

In Africa, micro entrepreneurs create small businesses to escape poverty, but many lack the basic business skills and capital needed to grow beyond survival. Business professionals, in nearby churches, remain inactive in meaningful work using their unique skills. Paradigm Shift equips urban churches in Africa to empower entrepreneurs. This campaign is about helping outreach-oriented African churches who desire to stop giving handouts and fostering dependence and instead start impacting their greater community by empowering micro entrepreneurs to overcome physical and spiritual poverty. These church value a proven, church-based, volunteer outreach model that equips their business-minded community to bring social, economic and spiritual renewal to micro entrepreneurs as an act of service and ministry. Through the church, mobilized professionals offer business training, microloans, one-on-one mentoring and intentional discipleship as an outreach for the entrepreneurial poor in their community. The power of one church making a difference is exemplified by Grace Family Church in Durban, South Africa. In 2015, the church dedicated 1,042 hours to develop 51 micro entrepreneurs, helping them grow their incomes by an average of 101% with 44% saving money for the first time. Over 300 dependents & 45 orphans rely on these entrepreneur's incomes. Mentoring was crucial to the long-term success, 72% meeting weekly with their paired mentor. In 2016, Grace Family Church developed 55 new micro entrepreneurs with similar results. Now in 2017, there are 65 micro entrepreneurs in two different Durban communities experiencing hope and restored dignity through their own hard work. This campaign will allow Paradigm Shift to train, equip and empower business-minded teams in 40 churches in the Africa to strategically engage their communities using economic development as an avenue for disciple-making.

Purpose of Campaign

This campaign is about changing the story of poverty to success for African entrepreneurs. Each entrepreneur has a story. “Gift” is one such entrepreneur. Gift’s story is unique to his context, yet universal with entrepreneurs Paradigm Shift works with. He was running a small computer parts business, yet had no real training in business, so he struggled to make ends meet. Now, Gift is a part of his local Paradigm Shift program through a church and his business is steadily growing. He changed his pricing, negotiated better terms, moved business locations and pursued new partnerships. He has seen a 267% increase in his revenue in the past year alone. Gift also received a mentor who met with him weekly. Now, Gift’s ingenuity and resourcefulness continue to inspire other entrepreneurs across his community. In a community where poverty pervades one generation after another, Gift is rising up as a thriving entrepreneur and leader in his generation. He challenges us to look at what God has already placed in our hands and use it to create, learn, and impact the lives of others.

Importance of Campaign

We are free. We can create, dream, build, plant, and grow and when we do these things, we reflect our Creator. Entrepreneurship creates wealth, provides jobs, feeds families, inspires others, and turns the world into servants of one another. Entrepreneurship is the solution to poverty and helping catalyze 40 entrepreneurial hubs in Africa will create hope for the future.

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