To Raise Funds to Promote My Online Businesses With Primary Purpose to Fund My Triple Mission in Life
Posted By : apawitan     Date : 2017-04-14
Category : Business

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Campaign Duration

Campaign Starting Date : 2017-04-14
Campaign Target Completion Date : 2017-10-14
Target Amount : 500,000.00

Campaign Description

Please Click this link below first:

The purpose of this campaign is to Raise $500,000.00 to fund my online businesses so that I can generate a significant Profit online to fund My Triple Mission in life, namely:
1. To renovate and equip the Philippine General Hospital, a charity hospital in Manila, Philippines which serves our poor population that cannot afford private medical care. Why am I doing this, please listen to the videos below.
2. To fund the Professorial Chairs of the Basic Sciences of my Alma Mater, College of Medicine, University of the Philippines, to educate more doctors to help our people..
3. To continue my Mission to Fund Seminaries to educated Priests and Missionaries to spread the Gospel to the "un-churched" people of the world.

I want to accomplish My Triple Mission before I leave this Planet Earth. I am very grateful that God gave me my life as my Gift, so what I can do with my life is my Gift back to God. And we are best remembered not by our riches but by the people we have helped and impact their lives and the relationships we have developed long before we are gone.

So please Good-hearted People of the World, help me and join me to accomplish My Triple Mission!

God Bless Us !

Please watch these videos:
Who Am I, Briefly:

Straight from my Heart:

Signup at ==>>

Contact Info:
Dr. Awitan
Skype: doctony1932 (ariston P Awitan)

Purpose of Campaign

I am 84 years old and still working hard to build my online businesses.
During my journey in life, I found that there is nothing more depressing than to see people struggle in life. With many people struggling financially today, due to the economic situation world-wide,

I've decided to dedicate the rest of my life to achieve the necessary funds to give back to those who need it.

Importance of Campaign

This campaign is important to me because I need money to promote my online businesses so that I can make profits I can use to fund my My Triple Mission in Life :

1. To renovate and Equip a Charity Hospital that serves the poor;

2. To fund the Professorial Chairs to educate more doctors;

3. To fund Seminaries to educate missionaries to spread the Gospel to the people in the remote areas of the world that don't know Christ.

Uses for the funds: I need to pay for computers, internet connection, smart phones, internet servers, domain names, auto responders, capture pages, websites, blogs, social media promotion, pay for targeted traffic leads, outsourcing, pay for skilled persons with computer and internet knowledge in making pages, websites, blogs, and ranking them in Google and You tube; payment to legal and accountant fees, etc..

Join here:

Instructions on how to donate look at this video:
You can donate at this link:

Contact Info:
Dr. Awitan
Skype: doctony1932 (Ariston P Awitan)

Join here:


Campaign No. : 241769

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